daily stops             seasonal destinations (rotating or 1 dozen with 48 hours notice)          pictures on Instagram #cupcakestogogomenu

Sonoma Valley Vanilla
vanilla frosting and cake

Chocolate Town
chocolate frosting and cake

I Heart PBC
peanut butter glaze, chocolate frosting/ chocolate cake

Times Square
chocolate frosting/vanilla cake

Cookies & Cream Capped Mountain
cookies and cream frosting/chocolate cake

Route 66 Red Velvet
cream cheese frosting/red velvet cake

Chocolate Cream Cheese City
cream cheese frosting/chocolate cake

Black Bottom Beach
vanilla frosting/ chocolate cake


Bricktown Brookie
vanilla or chocolate frosting/ chocolate chip cookie brownie

Vanilla Villa
cream cheese frosting/vanilla cake



Strawberry Hill
cream cheese frosting/ strawberry cake

When in Rome
cream cheese frosting/italian cream cake

Carrot Island
cream cheese frosting/carrot cake

Golden Gate Cake 
chocolate frosting/ golden yellow cake

Key West Lime
cream cheese frosting/ key lime cake 

South of the Border Sopapilla cinnamon sugar honey frosting/cinnamon sugar cake 

Philadelphia Cheesecake Brownie
fresh whipped cream/ cheesecake brownie

Coconut Coast 
cream cheese frosting/ coconut cake

Rocky Mountain Range
cookies and cream frosting/ vanilla cookies and cream cake

vanilla frosting/butterscotch filled vanilla or chocolate cake

Salted Lake Caramel
salted chocolate frosting/caramel cake

Peanut Butter Crunch Canyon
peanut butter frosting/chocolate or vanilla cake

The Ritz-Chocolate-ton 
luxurious chocolate frosting/rich chocolate cake 

Canada, Eh?
cinnamon cream cheese frosting and bacon/maple french toast cake

Pikes Peanut
vanilla frosting dipped in ganache and peanuts/vanilla or chocolate cake

Camp Cupcake
marshmallow frosting, graham cracker and chocolate/ chocolate cake

Chocolate Chip Cookie 
Dough Downtown         cookie dough frosting/ chocolate cake

Southern Sour Cream Chocolate 
fudgy chocolate frosting/ sour cream chocolate cake

Bon Voyage Birthday Cake
festive almond buttercream/ almond cake

Hazelnut Hotel
nutella frosting/sour cream chocolate cake

City Snickers
sweet vanilla frosting/sour cream chocolate cake

Great Plains Pumpkin
cream cheese frosting/pumpkin cake 

The North Pole
peppermint frosting/ chocolate cake

Emerald Isle 
mint frosting/chocolate cake 

Sunshine State Cake
lemon frosting/lemon cake 

premium flavors (additional $0.25/cupcake)

Leaning Tower of Peanut Butter 
chocolate frosting and a peanut butter kiss cookie/ peanut butter cake

Sugar Cookie Club
almond frosting, cake and sugar cookie

Chocolate Chip Trip
vanilla or chocolate frosting and a m&m chocolate cookie/ chocolate cake

Triple Chocolate Falls
milk chocolate frosting and a double milk chocolate cookie/ chocolate cake


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